“There will be a day that I will rule this universe”, said ThimPress. The entire time I know ThimPress, they only ever had one goal: To dominate the whole WordPress universe. If they could ever get all the Infinity themes, they can do it with the snap of their fingers. *snap* Just like that.

The first Infinity theme, Eduma, was created by ThimPress 3 years ago. Its sovereign power wiped out the whole Education field and stands firmly at the #1 place. With the help of the LMSs, including LearnPress 1, LearnPress 2 and the newly LearnPress 3, Eduma continues the reign and pulverizes any mortals that dare stand against it.

Birth of LearnPress 4 – the best LMS

Not only stop at the first Infinity theme, ThimPress went on to the next one. No one could ever imagine ThimPress could make himself the 2nd one. With unlimited resource from the reign of Eduma, ThimPress had the chance to create Course Builder  – The second Infinity theme.

Course Builder has the advantages compared to the Predecessor: new design, flat and modern, better experience, powerful tools and aiming for the trends that customers are looking for. Course Builder quickly gets to the top and expands the reign of Eduma to the Infinite World, beyond the Forest. This second Infinity theme equipped with the newest – also the strongest LMS: LearnPress 4.

LearnPress 4 is the core of Infinity themes, provides unending energy and actively morphs the new running system of the themes. It adapts to any strikes, any renovation and power. Customers can create courses, lessons, quizzes, questions with just their thoughts and speaks. There no coding needed, no typing needed, just think and LearnPress 4 can do it all for you. Also, LearnPress 4 always updates and observes the newest trends across the universe, giving Course Builder the advantage to be one step ahead of everything. LearnPress 4 itself is one of the legendary Zaohua items, which contains unlimited creative and way to open the Zaohua door, leading to a higher realm/dimension.

LearnPress 4 is the latest to join LMS team, but indeed, the strongest.

ThimPress sovereign power and reach

Unlike the others, ThimPress does not stop. With 2 Infinity themes in hand, they spread the reign cross the WordPress universe and are preparing portals to cross other fields, such as Construction, Magazine, Newspaper, Multi-Purpose and more. Once they get to the other field, they will have enough data and information about the next Zaohua item’s located, giving them the opportunity to create the 3rd Infinity theme and conquer the WordPress universe.

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